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Mobile Home Park Oversight Program - 2024

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Division of Housing’s Phone and Email: 1-833-924-1147, MHPOP@state.co.us 

Home Owner & Resident Rights

This notice summarizes mobile home park resident and home owner rights and responsibilities under the Mobile Home Park Act (C.R.S. §§ 38-12-200.1 to -222), Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program (C.R.S. §§ 38-12-1101 to -1110), and related rules (8 CCR 1302-15). You can learn more by contacting the Division of Housing’s Mobile Home Park Oversight Program (MHPOP).

Landlords must post and maintain all pages of this notice in a clearly visible and accessible location in every common area; give a copy to home owners annually, with new leases, and after changes in park ownership; and provide this notice in an accessible format for residents with disabilities upon request.

All Residents Have the Right to:

  • Park premises that are safe, clean, and accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Only one rent increase every 12 months, and only if the landlord is in compliance with MHPOP and water quality remediation plans issued on or after July 1, 2024. For month-to-month leases, landlords must provide at least 60 days’ written notice of any rent increase.
  • A maximum late rent fee of $50 or 5% of the rent past due, whichever is greater. Home owners have 10 days and renters have 7 days to make a late rent payment before the landlord can charge a late fee.
  • 48+ hours’ notice if water service will be disrupted for more than 2 hours for planned maintenance, and reasonable notice of water service disruptions for emergencies. If a service disruption that lasts 12+ hours, the landlord must provide residents an alternative source of drinking water and portable toilets.
  • 24 hours’ notice of water line leaks in the park (if management learns of the leak). The management shall not bill residents for park water line leaks.
  • Protection from unreasonable park rules, and unreasonable or discriminatory rule enforcement.
  • 48+ hours’ notice before the management enters your lot (including the date and approximate time of entry), except in cases of emergency or when management is posting legally required notices.
  • Protection from retaliation by the landlord when you exercise your legal rights, including making a complaint to the Division. A landlord may be fined up to $10,000 for retaliating against a resident.
  • Request a meeting with the landlord. If requested, the landlord must schedule, advertise, and attend a free, public, accessible meeting for residents within 30 days (up to two times per year).

Home Owners Also Have the Right to:

  • A written lease that includes all charges and fees. Home owners may, but are never required to sign a new lease after their initial lease term ends. The default lease term is month-to-month, but you may ask the landlord in writing for a lease term of one year or more.
  • A maximum security deposit of one month’s rent, including any pet deposit.
  • 60+ days’ written notice of any rent increase or changes to the park rules and regulations.
  • Meet with other home owners in common areas of the park to discuss park matters (if properly reserved), and to start a homeowners’ association.
  • Sell your home and put up a For Sale sign on/in your mobile home.
  • 120+ days written notice before the landlord sells or transfers the park (unless the sale/transfer is to a closely related family member or business). A group or association of home owners has the right to submit an offer to buy the park at any time, and have the landlord consider the offer in good faith.
  • 12+ months written notice before the landlord closes part or all of the park. If the closure will displace your home, you can give the landlord a written demand for relocation costs or other compensation.
  • 30 - 60 days to sell or move your home after an eviction judgment by a court (Judgment for Possession), depending on whether you prepay rent after the first 30 days.

All Residents Have the Following Responsibilities:

  • Follow all local ordinances and state laws related to mobile homes and mobile home lots.
  • Ensure that your conduct, the conduct of anyone you lease your home to, and the conduct of any of your guests, on the park premises, does not:
    • Unreasonably endanger the life of the landlord or anyone else in the park;
    • Amount to willful property damage or destruction; or
    • Materially harm or threaten real or personal property or the health, safety, or welfare of individuals or animals, including pets.
  • Pay your rent on time and in the amount stated in your rental agreement and any timely, written notices of rent increases.
  • Follow all reasonable, written park rules and regulations.
  • Keep your lot clean and do routine lawn or yard maintenance (except major landscaping projects). Note that the landlord is responsible for tree maintenance.
  • If you lease your home or have long-term guests, ensure that the lease or stay follows the landlord’s rules.
  • Notify your landlord if you intend to sell your home (as required by your lease or park rules), and tell any prospective home buyers that they must apply and be approved for tenancy by the landlord before they can live in the park.

Eviction of Home Owners

A landlord can only end a home owner’s tenancy for specific reasons listed in the Mobile Home Park Act. For example, a landlord cannot end a home owner’s tenancy for any violation of park rules; only for violations of park rules that are necessary to prevent material damage to property or the health or safety of individuals. In addition, home owners have 90 days after receiving a lease termination notice (Notice to Cure or Quit) to fix violations of park rules, local ordinances, or state laws relating to mobile homes or mobile home lots.

However, if you receive a Summons and Complaint telling you to file an answer or appear in court, you should respond or appear; if you do not, you will lose the eviction case by default.

File a Complaint

Mobile home owners and landlords may file complaints with the Division for violations of the Act or Program. Starting on July 1, 2024, residents renting a mobile home in a mobile home park, local governments, and nonprofits may also file complaints. The Division will investigate the alleged violation(s) and all parties must cooperate with the investigation. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the Division may impose penalties or require parties to take action to resolve violations.

To make a complaint, use the online complaint form or contact the Program to ask for a paper form by mail (MHPOP@state.co.us or 1-833-924-1147).


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