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File a Complaint

Individuals and groups must use the official program complaint form to file a complaint.

File a Complaint


What Counts as Retaliation

Mobile home park managers and owners are prohibited by law from retaliating against home owners for exercising their legal rights.

120 Days After a Home Owner Takes Action

A landlord's action might be retaliation under Colorado law if it is within 120 days after a home owner:

  • Complains or says they’re going to complain to a government agency about the park
  • Submits a complaint to park management about a violation of the Mobile Home Park Act
  • Organizes or becomes a member of a tenants’ association, or
  • Makes other efforts to secure or enforce their legal rights

Selective, Excessive, or Unjustified

In general, a landlord’s action also has to be selective, excessive, or unjustified to be considered retaliation.

  • Selective, singles out a home owner or group of home owners
  • Excessive
  • Not justified
  • Not legal


A home owner reports a park maintenance issue, then the landlord charges that home owner a $200 fee that doesn’t relate to a legitimate business purpose.


Other examples of retaliatory actions may include:

  • Nonuniform rent increases
  • Unlawful fines, warnings, or citations
  • New bills or fees
  • Decreasing services
  • Excessive management visits, except to deliver required notices
  • Unjustified notices
  • Selectively enforcing rules
  • Threatening eviction
  • Changing existing rental agreements
  • Home owner surveillance
  • Publicizing damaging information

If a landlord’s action meets these requirements, it doesn’t automatically mean the landlord retaliated. Instead, the landlord has the burden of proving their action was justified and lawful.

The program may fine landlords up to $10,000 if it determines a landlord retaliated against a home owner or group of home owners.

What Doesn’t Count as Retaliation

These types of actions aren’t retaliation:

  • Uniform
  • Routine
  • Justified
  • Legal


 All home owners get a written notice of a rent increase that follows the regulations for increasing rent.


Report Retaliation

Report retaliation by filing a complaint or contact program staff to update an existing complaint: 


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