Staff and Contact Information


For media inquiries connect with the Department of Local Affairs Newsroom. The Division of Housing accepts Colorado Open Record Request (CORA) requests.

1313 Sherman Street
Suite 320
Denver, CO 80203

Phone: 303-864-7810



Division of Housing Offices

Administration and Business Operations

Alison George, Division Director

Maulid (Mo) Miskell, Deputy Director

Dianne Brown, Executive Assistant

Randi Johnson-Hufford, Director of Operations

Office of Housing Recovery

Melissa Nereson, Program Manager

Office of Housing Finance & Sustainability (Grants/Loans)

Julia Zaffarano, Acting Director

Office of Homeless Initiatives

Kristin Toombs, Director

Office of Rental Assistance

Katherine Helgerson, Director

Office of Regulatory Oversight

Sam Albrecht, Director 

Christina Postolowski, Mobile Home Park Oversight

Donnie Featherman, Building Codes & Standards


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