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Mobile Home Park Act and Program

For English, visit the Colorado General Assembly’s Colorado Revised Statutes page and use the online or downloadable databases to review: 

  • 38-12-200 to 38-12-223, C.R.S. (the act)
  • 38-12-1101 to 38-12-1110, C.R.S. (the program)

You can also: 

Administrative Rules 

Mobile Home Park Oversight Program Administrative Rules, 8 CCR 1302-15, in English and Spanish (effective November 30, 2022)

Comment on the Administrative Rules

Submit comments by:

  • Email to MHPOP@state.co.us with the subject “MHPOP Rules” (preferred)
  • Mail to: CO Division of Housing, Attention: MHPOP Rules, 1313 Sherman St. #320, Denver, CO 80203

Past Documents That Are Now Addressed in the Administrative Rules

  • Complaint Program Policies and Guidance (2022); request a hard copy in English or Spanish at MHPOP@state.co.us
  • Emergency Rules 8.10 and 8.11 & Resolution Concerning the Adoption of Emergency Rules (2022); request a hard copy of the resolution in English at MHPOP@state.co.us 
  • High Level Process Steps in the Dispute Resolution & Enforcement Program (2019); request a hard copy in English or Spanish at MHPOP@state.co.us

Colorado General Assembly Bills

You can request a hard copy of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ 2018 Manufactured Housing Sunrise Review in English or Spanish at MHPOP@state.co.us

Administered by Other Agencies


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