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If you need a PDF or printed copy of registration information or have a question, contact the Mobile Home Oversight Program at DOLA_MHP_registration@state.co.us or 1-833-924-1147 (toll free).


Having trouble with the address list?

Check out our video on preparing the address list to get all the details.

Submit the Address List

To submit your list:

  • Upload it to the online registration form
  • Email it to DOLA_MHP_registration@state.co.us with the park’s name and registration number in the file name or email subject line 
  • Mail a copy with your paper registration form

For a faster registration review, provide your address list as an Excel or Google Sheets file. We made an Excel template you can use - get the details below under “Template”.

Required Information

The list must include:

  • The physical address for each lot
  • The use for each lot (review the “Column B: Lot Use” section)
  • Mobile home owners’ mailing addresses (not including their names)
  • Dates for the most recent rent increase for all mobile homes and mobile home lots
  • Dollar amounts for the most recent increase for all mobile homes and mobile home lots
  • If a mobile home has a rent-to-own contract starting on or after June 30, 2024 between the park owner and a tenant

You can use our template to provide this information.


You aren’t required to use the template. You can create an Excel or similar spreadsheet file of your own, as long as it includes all the required information.

The print out of the registration form includes a template as page 4 that provides space for 15 lots. 

If you have more than 15 lots or prefer a digital file, you can download and fill out our Excel template (Spanish). Our Excel template has:

  • formulas to count up your lot use selections 
  • special formatting functions that will darken columns C, D, and E if you do not need to provide the information because of your selection in column B

If you use Google Sheets: share your address list with us at DOLA_MHP_registration@state.co.us.

Lot Physical Address

Provide the physical address for each lot containing a mobile home in the park. Do not include any tenant names.

Lot Use

Use the column(s) and the lot use key below to indicate the current use for each lot. Select only one type per lot. Each item not marked as optional is required.

  • A: tenant-owned mobile home, including a:
    • lot rented to a mobile home owner not associated with the park owner
    • home not owned by the park owner, but the home owner is renting it out
    • lot where an eviction is taking place, but the home owner has not moved or been removed
    • home under a rent-to-own contract with the park owner
  • B: abandoned mobile home (abandoned by the home owner and not owned by the park owner)
  • C: occupied, park-owned mobile home
  • D: vacant, park-owned mobile home
  • E (optional): vacant lot (an empty lot that counts toward the total number of lots in the park)
  • F (optional): other (any lot with a non-mobile home structure, such as an RV, camper trailer, fifth wheel, stick built home, apartment, or storage unit; you don’t need to specify the type)

Not sure if a structure is a mobile home? Find out what counts as mobile home under Colorado law.

Mobile Home Owner Mailing Address

Provide the mailing address for any owners of mobile homes renting lots. Don’t include any tenant names. Include the city, state, and zip code.

You don’t need to provide the mailing address if the landlord owns the home.

If the physical address of the lot and home owner’s mailing address are the same, fill in “same” in the tenant mailing address column. Don't leave the column blank (except when using the Excel template and the field darkens).

Date and Dollar Amount of Rent Increase

These are two separate columns on the address list template – fill in both columns. Under Colorado law, rent increase dates and amounts are required for:

  • Lots rented out to individual mobile home owners
  • Park-owned mobile homes you’re renting out

For each lot with an occupied mobile home, including lots marked as: 

  • A: tenant-owned mobile home
  • C: occupied, park-owned mobile home

You should fill in the date and dollar amount of the most recent rent increase in the past. You don't need to provide the old and new total rent, but the difference between the old and new rent.

If you have never increased a resident's rent, you can mark columns D and E with "N/A". Don't leave the columns blank (except when using the Excel template and the field darkens).

Don’t provide upcoming or future rent increases. If you move forward with a planned rent increase in the upcoming year, you’ll list it next time you register the park.



If rent increased from $400 to $425 on January 1, 2021 and there hasn't been another rent increase since, put “1/1/2021” for the date and "$25" for the dollar amount.


Initial Leases, Subsequent Leases, and New Tenants

An initial lease signing that sets the base rent for a new resident doesn't count as a rent increase.

If an existing resident signs a second or subsequent lease that increases the amount of rent, that counts as a rent increase. You must provide the date and dollar amount.

Colorado law also states when and how a mobile home park landlord can increase rent. Get the details on mobile home park rent increases.

Recent Park Purchase and Rent Increase Information

If you recently bought or acquired the park and don’t have rent increase information, we recommend you contact the previous park owner for details. If that doesn’t work, try asking tenants about their most recent rent increase. A park’s registration will not be complete and may not be accepted unless and until you provide this information. See section 38-12-1106(7), C.R.S. and 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 2.3.

If you absolutely can’t find this information, contact us in writing by:

  • Email to DOLA_MHP_registration@state.co.us 
  • Fax to 720-927-2630 with cover page noted, "Attention: Registrations"
  • Mail to:
    Colorado Division of Housing
    Attention: MHPOP Registrations
    1313 Sherman St #320
    Denver, CO 80203

Rent-to-Own Contract

If the park owner is selling a mobile home to a tenant under a rent-to-own contract, then, for any contracts starting June 30, 2024 or later, mark this column with an “X”, "Y", “yes”, or similar marking.

If the contract started before June 30, 2024, you are not required to provide this information at this time and may instead put “N/A”.

If there is not a rent-to-own contract, put “no” or "N/A" but do not leave it blank, except when using the Excel template and the field darkens.

What is a Rent-to-Own Contract?

The Mobile Home Park Act defines a “rent-to-own contract” as any agreement where the buyer of a mobile home agrees or receives the option to buy the mobile home from the seller over an agreed upon time period. Rent-to-own contracts include lease-to-own, purchase option, and other similar agreements.

See section 38-12-1401, C.R.S.


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