Update a Park's Contact Information



Para ver esta información en español, elija "Spanish" del menú desplegable "Select Language" en la parte superior derecha. O, para solicitar esta información en español, comuníquese con el programa a través del correo electrónico MHPOP@state.co.us o llame al 1-833-924-1147 (llamada gratuita).


Update Contact Information Within 30 Days of a Change

Mobile home park landlords are required to contact the Division of Housing within 30 calendar days if the name of or contact information for the park owner or manager changes. See section 38-12-1106(5), C.R.S. and 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 2.6. 

Not Related to a Park Sale

If your park’s registration is due, you can provide your new contact information as part of the registration process.

Otherwise, use the Contact Information Update form (Spanish).

Related to a Park Sale

If you’re the seller, review details on post-sale documentation you may need to provide and contact staff as soon as possible.

If you recently bought or acquired a mobile home park in Colorado, contact staff about transferring park registration account at DOLA_MHP_registration@state.co.us or 1-833-924-1147. Then, if the park:


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