Types of Programs We Fund


DOLA’s Division of Housing (DOH) provides financial support to developers, public housing authorities, and community organizations to fund the following types of affordable housing, homelessness prevention, and rental assistance projects:

New Construction

Funding is available for single-family housing and multifamily housing projects, including new construction and land acquisition with preference toward multifamily projects serving the homeless, domestic violence and other special needs.

Property Acquisition

We help developers and local governments purchase property for new housing development.

Housing Development and Redevelopment

We provide resources for new housing development and neighborhood improvement projects.

Bridge Loans

For eligible projects, the division can provide short term funding for purchases until longer term financing is available.

Disaster Recovery Housing

We help citizens who have lost their housing to natural disasters with shelter, housing rehab and rental assistance.

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

We currently fund local agencies around the state to operate Revolving Loan Funds for Single Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation (Rehab), Down Payment Assistance (DPA), and similar homeownership assistance programs.


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