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Legislative changes to the Colorado Revised Statutes include adding the responsibility for design and construction inspections of foundations for manufactured homes, tiny homes, and other factory built structures in areas of the state where no construction standards exist to the Division of Housing, Building Codes & Standards (BCS) section. This will allow the Division of Housing to ensure that one of the critical components of any applicable structure, the foundation, is designed by a Colorado designed professional and has an inspection before the structure is attached.

What qualifies as a factory built structure?

Any structure, residential or non-residential, that is built at an offsite location and is considered closed, or encapsulated construction and then is moved to its final location and installed and connected to utilities. This includes modular homes, HUD-Code manufactured homes, mobile homes, tiny homes, multi-family units, oil and gas field structures, and other commercial structures. This does not include recreational vehicles, un-improved shipping containers, storage sheds, any site-built structure and other structures not built to the International Residential Code (IRC) or the International Building Code (IBC). If you have a question on whether you need a foundation design and construction inspections for your unit by the state of Colorado, please contact Building Codes and Standards email.

How will the state regulate foundations for manufactured homes, tiny homes, and other factory built structures?

Effective July 1, 2023, temporary foundations (which may be used for HUD-Code homes, Pre-1976 Mobile Homes, tiny homes, and some nonresidential structures) and permanent foundations (which must be used for modular, and may be used for HUD-Code manufactured homes, tiny homes, and nonresidential structures) must be designed by a Colorado registered design professional (usually an architect or an engineer) if the destination is in an area of the state without a building department. Foundation constructions plans must be submitted to the Building Codes & Standards (BCS) section for review and approval. Then, you must have the foundations inspected by BCS or an approved quality assurance professional. After passing inspection, then your home or other factory built structure may be installed by a registered or certified installer, or you may follow the rules for a homeowner installation.

How do I find out if my county or town has a building department?

Check to see if you county or town’s website has a “Building Department” listed, or contact the County manager or administrator, or the town manager, administrator, or clerk.

How do I find a Colorado licensed design professional?

BCS does not have a list. We recommend checking with the seller or dealer who is selling you your structure, or local construction companies that build traditional site built structures.

I have some construction experience. Can I build my foundation myself?

Yes, if the plans are approved by a Colorado licensed design professional and you pass all inspections by the Division of Housing.

Where do I submit may construction plans and request inspections? Is there a cost?

Plan reviews are $0.10/sq. ft. and inspection costs are $200. Contact dola_mhip@state.co.us or call 303-864-7837.

References and Resources

Division of Housing, Building Codes and Standards: dola_mhip@state.co.us


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