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New Administrative Rules

The new Administrative Rules were effective July 1, 2023.

Redline of Changes

The redline of changes from old rules to new rules are provided for reference.

Colorado Revised Statute

C.R.S 24-32-3300-3329

Emergency Rule

Non-residential and residential factory-built structures and tine homes; sellers of manufactured homes and tiny homes; manufactured home, tiny home, and multi-family structure installations; foundation systems for manufactured homes, tiny homes, and factory-built structures where no standards exist; and hotels, motels, and multi-family structures in those areas of the state where no standards exist

8 CCR 1302-14

Add: Emergency Rule 2.15.3 In the event that a local jurisdiction or the State has declared a state of emergency, the Division of Housing (DOH) may, upon written request from the local jurisdiction, allow an alternative method of design for the construction of the unit to comply with local provision as adopted by the local jurisdiction. This modification would allow a less stringent design by a local jurisdiction that has site specific information to allow such construction, and is approved to that specific jurisdiction. The modification should not require a more stringent requirement than what is already approved by the DOH. An approved DOH insignia will be adhered to the structure at final approval.


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