Local Building Departments - Mobile Homes (Built Prior to 1976)


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Mobile Homes were built prior to the regulation of HUD homes, factory-built homes, and Tiny homes, when no construction standards existed for manufactured units. Due to this, the Division of Housing does not review the construction of Mobile homes unless they are being modified at an offsite location to meet current adoption standards. At that stage, you must submit for approval the same way as you would submit for a Manufactured home through the FB/FBNR program. If the unit is installed in a jurisdiction with a building department, you must consult with that local jurisdiction for construction allowances.

Construction Requirements

Mobile home construction requirements are regulated by the local building department if you plan to install as is. If you plan to modify the unit at an offsite location, please look at the Manufacturer section of the Modulars page.


Foundation Requirements

As mentioned above, there are a vast number of jurisdictions with active building departments, these jurisdictions have complete authority over the plan review, inspection and approval for the construction of foundation systems within its jurisdiction. The only requirement that the DOH enforces through C.R.S. Title 24-32-33 and in the Administrative Rules 8 CCR 1302-14, is that a permanent or temporary foundation system that is designed for the installation of manufactured buildings, must be engineered.

If you are in a jurisdiction that does not have a building department or you are curious about the requirements for those jurisdictions, please look at the Jurisdiction without Building Departments section.

Participating Jurisdictions

Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) are jurisdictions that opt into the DOH installation program to assist with the installation inspections of manufactured homes, multifamily, and tiny homes in Colorado. These PJs are approved by the DOH to conduct installation inspections after they have submitted application and attended required installation training. For more information please contact our Manufactured Home Installation Program Coordinator at dola_mhip@state.co.us.

Manufactured homes, Tiny homes, and multifamily structures installed in a Participating Jurisdiction must schedule installation inspections with the local building department. These jurisdictions have been authorized to complete inspections on the behalf of the Division of Housing.

MHIP Inspection Procedures for Participating Jurisdictions

MHIP Inspector Application for Participating Jurisdictions


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